Chris Overbeeke

Chris Overbeeke, (Haaksbergen,1946-2023), followed his art education at the AKI in Enschede. After his studies he started as a design designer at the former textile factory 'De Nijverheid' in Enschede. After working here for several years, Chris Overbeeke became an independent illustrator and worked for various advertising agencies and publishers. For example, the covers of the children's books 'In het bos van Oeiewoei', 'Muisje Zwiepkadee' and 'Adventure van Paardje Peu' are by his hand.

Around the age of 50, Chris started painting still lifes, mostly tranquil compositions with contemporary objects, composed into subdued oil paintings in which the grazing light plays an important role. Many of his paintings found their way to Florida (USA), Germany and, of course, to Dutch collectors. Unfortunately, Chris Overbeeke passed away in early 2023 at the age of almost 78. He lived almost all his life in the Achterhoek.